Monday, 1 October 2012

It's such a shame that people don't knit much these days. The reasons for this include cheap textiles being available in the shops, but also that women don't have time to knit, and they don't have time to hand wash woollies. Let's face it, most women work outside the home and don't have the time or the inclination for such domestic chores. Also, wool is so expensive. At about $7.00 per ball for good quality wool, a garment is expensive in both time and money. So why learn to knit these days?

This is why I knit.
  1. It's relaxing. There's something about the rhythm of it that's soothing. I also like to have a pattern to keep me from getting bored. I like to knit with fine wools of good quality. I have to have the TV on.
  2. Garments are individual and unique. Nobody will have one like the one you make these days.
  3. It stops me biting my nails.
  4. It stops me raiding the fridge.
  5. It provides me with lovely gifts for friends who've had babies.
  6. I love the vintage patterns, and you just can't buy garments in the shops like them.
  7. People are impressed that I've made things myself.
  8. My daughter has taken up knitting .
  9. My daughter's friend took up knitting after receiving a hand knitted baby jumper from her.
I have recently taken up knitting again after many years of being too busy.
Valley Heights - 1940s
Anyone can knit. Even men !

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