Monday, 29 October 2012

Crochet In Fashion

Before starting my Etsy shop and my blog, I had no idea how popular crochet was these days. I thought it was only me who liked it. The most popular items in my shop have been crocheted glove patterns and crocheted cushion and pillow cases. Most of the people who favourite this glove pattern can't crochet, but wish they could!

This gorgeous pattern for filet crochet gloves was published in the 40s, and everyone seems to love it.  No doubt, some people have weddings in mind, too.







Jennifer Lopez in Crochet

Did you see Jennifer Lopez in her fabulous white crochet shorts and crop top earlier this year? Take a look.

She looks wonderful in the white crochet with her enviable tan and great body. It made me wish I had the pattern for this outfit (as well as the body and the tan!) Not everyone could wear white so well, and it would be interesting to see this outfit in different colours. It made me think to look back in some of the old books from the 70s when crochet was really hip, to see if I could find anything similar. Sadly, I have not yet found a pattern for shorts - although I do have quite a few patterns for knitted knickers (scanties) from the 30s and 40s which could do in a pinch.

However, I did find these fabulous patterns which I thought I would share.

Daring, no knickers please skirt

Flower Power Crochet

Patons jumpsuit, late 70s

 Look at this gorgeous dress, I can see it being worn today. You can't see in the poor quality image, but she is also wearing white fish net stockings. Fabulous.
Woman's Day, 1968

New Idea, 1976

And here is one of my all time favourites, the sun top with optional sunhat crown. I always meant to make it and never did.

So, the gear, the cushion covers and the pillow cases are super popular. Now, bring on the doiley revival!


  1. I remember thinking I was the bees knees in a dress nana did for me. Thought I as just gorgeous. Cheers Lavinia