Friday, 12 October 2012

To copy or not to copy

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I've noticed that some vendors, particularly on e-Bay, turn up their noses at the suggestion of copies of knitting books.

As a collector, I'm not interested in purchasing copies.

However, as a knitter of vintage fashions, I would jump at the chance of purchasing a cheap copy of a single pattern I wanted, rather than pay three or four times the price for an original book. So, I consider providing copies a service to knitters.

I've also noticed that some non-knitters are purchasing copies of patterns, and paying knitters to make them. If only I had time to knit on commission. My most interesting request for a custom made item has been to crochet chain mail for a battle re-enactment! There's work out there for some crafty retired people. If you want this work, send me your contact details and I'm happy to pass on any requests which come to me, and which I regretfully have to decline.

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