Sunday, 30 September 2012

Vintage Knit Patterns at Etsy

Well, I have cleared out about a dozen op shops this week looking for old knitting patterns. I have found quite a few, but not so many really old ones. I suspect most of the really old ones are in antique shops, but I will keep scrounging.
About 80% of the patterns I am finding are Patons patterns, which form the bulk of my collection. However, these are still covered by copyright, as are the old Paragon books in Australia. So, I can collect these, but I can't sell copies of the patterns. The good news is, that I have duplicates of quite a few of these lovely old books, and am selling the spare copies on Etsy. Patons have, however, given me permission to use their images online, so I am planning to share quite a few on this blog.

Op shops have an enormous supply of knitting needles, by the way, if you ever need any.
Op shops? Do you have these in other countries? Maybe you call them charity stores, or thrift stores.  We call them Opportunity Shops, or Op Shops, in Australia. They have a pervading odour of moth balls.


  1. Here in the USA we call them thrift stores.

  2. I notice that here some of them are now called recycle stores. So we can feel even more virtuous shopping there.