Tuesday, 12 November 2013

1920s Fashion and Darning on Net

This week I bought a wonderful old book from the 20s on eBay - "Bestway No.175 - 3rd Darning on Net Book".

Like most people these days, I am surprised to learn of this now obsolete but very interesting and effective art. The patterns are for jumpers and tunics, which appear to have been worn as an overdress.
Just look at that fringe! So 20s.

As far as I can understand this, the method seems to be to take a regular sewing pattern in a straight style, as most of them were in the 20s, and cut it out of netting. Then a flat blunt needle is used to weave the silk or wool in and out of the net until it is all filled in. Various patterns can be introduced, as well as different trims.
This garment is finished with a crocheted border, and the fringe is hand knotted into the bottom row with a hook. There is a lovely big crochet covered button  on the right hip.
This garment is worked with a diagonal pattern, and the wool trim is worked as in a hooked rug, lengths of wool cut to the same length are inserted and knotted with a hook.
This garment features embroidery worked over the darning.
In addition to these interesting garments are the wonderful old ads. Here are two of my favourites:
If you can zoom in to read the poem about the fairy Sylvanata, do so. I guess that the artificial silk would be rayon. All of these garments were made with silk or wool.
Granny's hearth and knitting expertise, offering comfort and wisdom.
Another great find for me. If I can ever find netting , I might give it a go.

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