Monday, 7 January 2013

Upcycled Vintage - Doiley Lamps

Well, I am really behind the times. Just as well I specialise in vintage stuff. I have just discovered doiley lamps.

A customer in Canada this week told me she was purchasing my doileys to make doiley lampshades for her wedding. I had never heard of doiley lampshades. Coincidentally, they were also mentioned in a book my partner is reading, so we googled them. And aren't they pretty?

I have to confess, I thought that some of the handmade doileys I sold were too nice to cut or stick or sew into something else, but I had to get over it. Those doilies are getting  a whole new life, as well as featuring in somebody's very special day.

Here's how you make doiley lamps.
And here is one of Shannon's photos.

And another site shows how you can make little lamps for a table centrepiece.

This explains why people have been buying their doilies in bundles . So, if you have a lot of doileys in a cupboard, (or on a cupboard), or your mother or grandmother has them, they could be donated to the next family wedding. The lamp makers have just about cleared me out of crocheted doileys, but there are a few left, and rest assured I will soon be listing some more. Or, I might have to keep them for my daughter's wedding in April.
Oval ecru doiley

Round ecru doiley

White crochet doiley
Pineapple motif doiley
Square pineapple doiley

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